Child-Free? What’s wrong with you?

There are a lot of mom bloggers out there. So many things gear to the stay-at-home mom or working mom. While I do have the utmost respect for the moms out there, what is the harm in choosing to be child-free? I made that choice a long time ago. And I’ve taken flack for it too! Why is it so hard for some people to understand that there are some like us out there? What is wrong with making that choice? Absolutely nothing. Also, it’s not really anyone’s business to question that choice. That’s exactly why I felt the need to write about it.



Did you choose to be Child-Free? Do people make you feel inadequate? You are NOT ALONE!! Read this post for more.


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First of all, how do you know I made the choice? How do you know I didn’t try and fail? How do you know I didn’t lose a child? While none of those apply to me, it’s still not ok to stick your nose in other people’s personal business! When did that become ok? I knew from quite a young age that having kids didn’t really appeal to me. When my mom would repeatedly ask “when am I getting a grandchild?”, I simply reminded her to discuss that with my brother. (Thank goodness he answered that one for her 16 years ago!) She finally realized somewhere in my 20s she wasn’t going to get any from me, so thankfully she gave that question up. I didn’t have to constantly remind her that I was making the choice to be child-free!



Maybe it was years of bad babysitting or being spoiled as an “only child”. I just knew that I had no interest in becoming a mom. Even when I got into my later years, I still didn’t have interest. As I started dating I was constantly asked how many kids I wanted. My answer to that was most often the cue to whether or not that relationship was going any further. Still, I’d get questioned by my family and friends. “When are you having kids?” Why don’t you want any kids?” Ugh… why was child-free so frowned upon?


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Fast forward through several failed relationships, and yes, even a couple of them had children already. My husband has a daughter, and I’m so fortunate that she is a wonderful child. No, she doesn’t live with us full time, but when she’s visiting, it’s fantastic. And now instead of asking when I’m having them, I get the “why don’t you have any children?” question. Ok again, why is this any of your business, especially when you don’t know me that well? I’ve had strangers ask me at parties, and it really drives me crazy! I chose this lifestyle because I could! And I really get miffed when people make assumptions that I’m not worthy because I’m living child-free! Instead of lashing out, I generally just respond with “I do have children, they just have 4 legs instead of 2”.


It's ok to be child-free! Why do we feel shamed for NOT having children? What is so wrong with that? Read about my NON mom journey!

Thursday Thoughts This Week

Thursday  is upon us again. I like to do my weekly thoughts, and share them here. This week is a pretty rough one all around. I will absolutely not get political on here, but my Social Media feeds have been going crazy. Is anyone else feeling like they just want to shut off the world of Facebook for a while? I know I sure am.

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The Election:

Yes, it’s finally over. We all watched for so long to see what was going to occur. And yes, I see the outcome has people feeling all kinds of emotions. I hate to see our country SO divided like this! There are so many terrible memes running around, and I’ve literally watched fights break out in my friends posts online. That is truly sad, and shows what an awful state we are in. Never in my life have I seen such divide around election time… It’s truly frightening, and sad. I won’t say much more on the subject here, but it is truly weighing on my mind on this Thursday.

Thursday Thoughts




Thursday Thoughts

Check out this book!


I posted a while back about this 30 Day Challenge a friend of mine was hosting. It started on November 1st, and I’m currently rolling with it. Check out the full post here. So far I’ve unloaded so many pieces of clothing, as well as some cosmetics and more. During this, I stumbled upon a Facebook Group, The Minimalist Life and I’ve really found some great posts. There are some that go way above what I’m planning, but I’ve gotten so many good ideas on things to get rid of and how to go about it. (I’ve even sold a few things on Facebook Yard Sale sites, yes they DO work!) If you are even remotely curious, check out that group, and look at the vast selection of books out there as well. I got the one pictured here and fell in love! It’s a small, easy to read book, and I can’t wait to read more of her stuff.



Weather Changes:

Here in North Georgia, we haven’t had rain in…. so long I can’t recall. And now we have fires burning a bit north of us, and in North Carolina. It’s a bit scary to wonder if they will continue to burn, and when we might get some rain! The winds have moved the haze and smell south, so it’s odd to look at. But it smells like a camp fire burning! It’s really quite neat. How’s the weather in your area?

So what other Thursday thoughts are floating around in your minds this week? I’d love to hear, comment below or hit me up on social media!