15 Ways to Make Money on the Side

There are a lot of things floating around on different ways to pick up some extra money on the side. Some even show how to take that side hustle and turn it into a full-time income. While I’m sure that’s a dream for a lot of folks,  is it always possible? I’m sure it is, but I’m not here to post about that. I just want to point out some more ways to make some extra money on the side! I’ve written before about a handful of “side hustles” out there. I have done several, and I have made extra money on the side for sure. I decided to expand that list a bit and share more tips that can help put some extra dough in your pockets! Check out some of the ways I’ve earned a bit of extra, and how you can too.


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  • Start a blog – There are many ways you can make a little extra money with blogging. It’s also a great way to meet some new friends, and express yourself. It’s not that hard to set up, and watch it grow! There are so many valuable ways you can monetize, and make great connections at the same time. Check out Bluehost for your hosting and get a great yearly rate!

  • Create an online course – Do you have some great skills or knowledge that you’d love to share with others? There are so many platforms out there offering ways to sell your online courses to the masses. Check out Teachable,Udemy, SkillShare and see some of the things out there. If you have something you know people are always asking about, why not teach them? Online?


  • Become a Virtual Assistant – Do you have great web building skills? How about social media savvy? Heck, how about general admin skills? Did you know there are plenty of bloggers and other companies out there looking for people to help do those things? And you can do it from home! While you may not know everything there is out there, you probably possess some skills that are pretty valuable in the online world. Check out this great book by Lisa Morosky for some fantastic information too!


  • Drop Ship – This is relatively new to me, but I totally understand how it might be a great money maker once you get your ducks all in a row. Basically, you open a storefront, then take the orders. Then they will be fulfilled all while you never touch the product. Check out this great post from Drink Coffee and Prosper and find the details and more.


  • Sell your Skills – Do web design or logo design? Check out Fiverr where you can sell your services and make some extra money. You can set different price points for different levels of work, and voila! It’s great if you want to do multiple small jobs, in my opinion. Keep in mind, though, it’s pretty competitive, so you may not start seeing results for a while.


  • Sell on Etsy – Are you crafty? Or maybe you are a collector of unique vintage things? Did you know you can sell those things on Etsy? Maybe you crochet hats or scarves. Whatever it is, you’d be surprised at the things you can sell on there. Check it out for yourself and see! I have bought anything from printables to clothing. I love Etsy!

  • Get rid of your “junk”eBay has been around for a long time of course, but there are other ways to unload things you don’t want or need anymore. You can sell on Facebook yard sales, Craig’s List, etc. I just recently found out about this app DeCluttr, and it’s handy for simply scanning barcodes. Do you have stuff lying around you don’t want or need anymore? Why not turn that stuff into extra money?!


  • Have an actual yard sale – People actually do still go to yard sales. And, if you live in a subdivision, or something similar, maybe you can get in on a multi-home sale. Those will likely draw even more traffic. Get together with your neighbors and plan it out. If you all chip in, it really won’t even cost much to advertise.


  • Take surveys online – Of course, there are a ton of sites that offer this. And yes, there are quite a few that are wastes of time. However, there are some legitimate sites that I’ve actually used that do pay out. Now you aren’t going to get rich doing this, keep that in mind. But you can definitely get some side money, and you’re already online, right? My first and foremost go-to is Swagbucks. Not only can you take surveys, you earn “bucks” for all kinds of online activities. They even have apps for your phone. Between videos, coupons, shopping, discovering new things, etc, I’ve personally earned over $500.00 not even trying very hard. I actually used my Swagbucks to pay for Christmas last year. You can read that post here.


  • House/Pet sit – I know, as a dog owner, I’d much rather have a person watch my pups or home when I’m gone over boarding them up. Especially now that they are a bit older. I also know many people who advertise for such things on Facebook, or in the local newspapers. If you are a pet lover, this can be a great way to earn some extra money on the side.


  • Walk dogs – Heck, if you’re going to sit for them, why not become a dog walker? There are plenty of breeds out there needing a lot more activity than they sometimes get. Why not help out the owners and the pets who need it by starting a part time dog walking service? Of course, be prepared to carry around potty bags for clean up, and have a genuine love for dogs. They can be a big more than you bargain for if you aren’t a true dog lover!

  • Clip Coupons – This can actually be a money maker for you in more ways than one. Of course, you can save money on your own items. That puts extra dough in your pocket, but did you know hardcore couponers actually search out and will pay for them? Obviously not a mint of money or anything, but hey? If you are already getting those packets of coupons in your mailbox, why not clip away and see what you can make?


  • Lose Weight/Get HealthyAchievemint and HealthyWage are 2 different apps that pay you for getting healthy! Who doesn’t want to be a little healthier? They are both a bit different, where Achievemint pays you in points per activity. With HealthyWage you actually set you goal and make a wager against yourself. Talk about motivation! I’m  a big competitive, so I’m pretty excited about HealthyWage for sure!


  • Direct Sales – Network Marketing is pretty huge right now. There are SO many different companies around, and you can see it all over your social media. What people don’t understand is that they aren’t really “pyramid schemes”! They are different than working a regular job, answering to a boss you’ll never see or be, in the way of setting your own time and working at your own pace. I am personally enrolled in a few, some just for the discount on products I love, and other to share the love with others. If you already use some of those great things, why not share your passion and make some extra cash?


  • Garden – If you live in an area with great soil and awesome gardening, why not use that to your advantage? Search for local farmer’s markets where you can set up and sell that overabundance of veggies! I love our local farmer’s market, and I certainly enjoy giving my money to them over a large grocery chain. It supplements what I don’t get from my small garden very well. Bonus cash if you’re a bee-keeper who makes great honey! Those stand are always the most crowded when I’m there.

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There are so many ways to bring extra cash to your pockets anymore, don’t you agree?? What other ways do you love for making extra money?



Biggest Mistakes Direct Sales Marketers Make

There are certainly a lot of different ways to hustle some extra money these days.  Direct Sales seem to be at the top of many lists. However, thinking you can simply sign up and money will come flowing in is one of the biggest mistakes many of them make. I am an Independent Distributor for It Works Global. Yes, I’ve made my share of mistakes, and I’m here to share some of them with you. No matter what your direct sales company is, hopefully, these tips will help you!

This post may contain affiliate links. It will also link to my It Works site. If you purchase through any of them, I will receive a commission at no additional charge to you. I only promote things I truly believe in. You can read my disclosure policy here


Are you in Network Marketing? Are you making these mistakes? Check out how to make your biz soar!


Not stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Sure, you have lots of friends on various social media platforms. Thinking you can strike it big by only going through them is one of the first mistakes DS people tend to make. Network Sales are tough, and you really don’t want to pester your friends and families with the information so much. Trust me, they’ll get really tired of hearing about that crazy wrap thing, or your awesome lip color. So reach out. It is NETWORK selling for a reason. Go out and build a network. Step out of your comfort zone. Go out and blitz in public. Reach out online in other areas you aren’t currently saturating. Find people that share your interests, then reach out. Make a connection. Be real, and be amazed at how much better you will become. You’ll also end up making some new friends along the way!

Don’t make false claims.

This should really be a no-brainer. But please don’t make the mistake of telling prospects things that simply cannot be backed up. No, the skinny wrap will not make you drop 20 lbs and 10 inches with the first application. Nope, you can’t eat all you want and sit on your butt all day and expect to drop weight, it’s that simple. No, your wrinkles will not disappear after the first application of this product. Get the picture? Instead of using false claims, why not share the information they need. Remind them results vary with every body. Everyone will have different results. Share the good parts, and leave the fluff out.

 If you don’t love it, don’t sell it.

Period. If you’ve never tried it, please don’t think you can sell it. Be a customer first before diving into Network Sales. Please don’t just see something that looks cool and think you can make a ton of money selling it. I hope I don’t need to include this one, but I have seen it happen way more often than it should. If I were a vegan, I wouldn’t be selling Omaha Steaks. People will see right through you that way, trust me. No one wants to be lied to, remember? See the point above.

Do not give up!

This is probably one of the first mistakes made. You get one or 2 “nos” and decide you just can’t do it. Guess what? Nothing in this world is instantaneous. If you are looking for instant gratification, perhaps you should rethink your pursual of money making. Did you say yes the first time? Probably not, right? I know I didn’t. But I love the products, and I continue to use them while I am working as an Independent Distributor. Have I had my fair share of “no thank yous”? Ummm, yes. Plenty. I am not giving up, and I know bigger things are still to come.  Make sure to surround yourself with a great team. Keep pushing your limits and following your dreams. With that, you can do anything you put your mind to!


Are you struggling in your network marketing? Are you making these mistakes? Check out ways to sky rocket your biz!

Can you really make money with Swagbucks??

     I posted a while back about a handful of “side hustles” to make a little extra money here and there. I know there are a ton of them out there, and I’m sure a ton of non legit ones too, which I’ll be covering at some point, but I did want to point out 1 in particular.
     (And yes, full disclosure, if you click through that banner up there, I will get a referral, at no cost to you of course. I wouldn’t be talking about it or linking to it if I didn’t love it so much, so just keep that in mind)
     Now I initially signed up for Swagbucks so long ago I can’t even remember. It was one of those things I saw, thought “hmmm!”, clicked and signed up for… then completely forgot about. Literally. Then stumbling through Pinterest one day, I was reading up on some ways to make a little extra cash. Now don’t misunderstand me, will this make you rich enough to quit your job? Ummm, no. But, who doesn’t like having a little bit extra? How about helping out with the upcoming holidays? Birthdays? Anniversaries? Whatever else life might have coming your way?
     I know I’m not alone when I say I could always use a bit of extra money. Unless you are a millionaire, with no mortgage, no car payment, and all utilities prepaid until the end of time, then I’m sure you are not exempt in wanting a bit of extra cash. I have tried a few things here and there, and yes I’ve gotten a bit extra, but a lot of times it’s either too much time, or too much investment for not a lot of outcome. Ugh. I know, but that’s how life is, right?
     Enter Swagbucks. You can earn “bucks” for so many different things! Not just surveys, although I probably have made more with surveys than anything else there. There are daily bonuses for hitting your goal given, watching videos, playing games, searching the web, discovering new web content, finding out about great deals, downloading coupons (saving more money!). and hey, shopping online! How many of those things are you already doing in your current lifestyle? Seriously? Why WOULDN’T you want to get paid for it??
     I use it most days, and honestly spend probably less than 1 hour a day on the site, but, I have it set as my default search, I have the Swagbutton installed on my browser and I do have the app on my phone. Do I use all of those daily?  Nope, but they are available when I need them. Through simply casual use, I got my hubs a nice gift card for his birthday to one of his favorite stores, Bass Pro Shops, and he was stoked to use it, in store, after it was emailed to me. Don’t care for that store? Well guess what, there are a WHOLE bunch of different store cards to use. Or Paypal gift cards. Or even VISA gift cards! I’m currently sitting at lifetime almost 18,000 SB, (swagbucks), with a balance currently of a little over 8300. 8300 SB = $83.00! I’m aiming for 20,000 SB before Christmas to help with my holiday shopping, and I’m sure I’ll have no trouble at all getting there!
   On top of earning bucks here, I have to say, they are on the ball if/when you ever have any issues with not receiving said bucks, site errors, etc. Whatever problems you may encounter, the help team is on top of it and you will get answers, and problems fixed, in a very timely fashion! Just one more great reason to check them out.

Side Hustle for extra cash!


Side Hustle

Let’s face it, we’ve all been here, right? At some point in life, I can honestly say more than I care to admit, this was me! Buying too much car and/or racking up too much credit. How about impulse shopping ? Now I spend my Monday through Friday chained to a desk, thankfully I am lucky enough to have a  Standing Desk – VARIDESK  so at least I’m not stuck sitting all day. That’s when I started looking for ways to hustle a bit of extra cash!

I spent many years in retail. Far too many to count, where I was constantly working nights, weekends and holidays! So I finally found a Monday – Friday job! Right before I turned 40! Now it came with a couple downsides, including a pay cut, but hey, it was closer to home, and had me able to spend nights and weekends doing more of what I love, or simply spending time with my hubs and pups! And I even got to start my Yoga Teacher Training! But again, that darn car payment, now it’s rougher. And I don’t get to “impulse shop”, (which is probably a VERY good thing) and I’m constantly watching my cash. I have been on the prowl for ways to make a few extra bucks here and there ever since.



There are so many things on Pinterest, and so many blog posts promoting the “side hustle”. I was a bit skeptical at first, had signed up for some of those things, and never put even a few moments effort into them. So I revisited a few I knew I had, then started to check out as many others as I could! I’ll share a few here with you today. Keep in mind, this is a WAY short list compared to a lot you’ll find, but hey, it’s a start, right?


  1. Checkout 51 is one I just recently started with. It’s a cash back for shopping type deal where you can log in and see deals before you shop! After you find some and add them to your list, you snap a picture of your receipt, and wait for your money. You can cash out once you hit $20.00, and depending on how often you use it, or shop, that probably won’t take too long!
  2. Ibotta is one I’ve had for a long time, yet only started using it seriously about a year ago. I come and go with it, and it’s great when I find deals on thing I already plan on purchasing. My biggest struggle with it is not buying things just to get a rebate back! All you have to do is answer short questions, or watch short videos, then poof, there’s your rebate on your list. Then after you purchase, most of the time you’ll have to scan the item bar code and snap the receipt, but the money is given pretty quickly. Same rule, $20.00 to cash out, to either Paypal or Venmo, which I’m not at all familiar with. The nice thing is after you link your facebook friends, and get some bonuses completed, you can get even more cash back! And they even added online only stores lately, like Groupon!
  3. Swagbucks is one I signed up for so long ago I can’t even remember! After seeing a few posts on the “side hustle” I decided to get back into it.  You earn “bucks” for doing various things, searching the internet, watching videos, playing games, discovering content, and taking surveys. You even earn different percentages of cash back when you click through to shop at some of your favorite stores. So if you’re already doing some shopping, why not just go through their site and earn money too! In a short amount of time, I was able to get a nice $50.00 gift card to Bass Pro Shops for my hubbies bit 40th birthday last month! I’m currently seeing how much I can save up to possibly use it for ALL of my holiday shopping!!  Already back close to the $80.00 mark.
  4. Fiverr is another good one. Sell your services! This site offers ways for people to look for things they need done, and you can earn money doing what you know.
  5. Facebook – Facebook has become more than just a social network site. So many people are selling in sale boars, making a great little extra cash. Getting rid of things they don’t need, while they hustle a bit of extra cash!
  6. eBay – I’m a bit hesitant to mention this one. It seems to ME personally to be a bit more of a hassle than hustle, but I do know some people having great luck with it.
  7. Etsy – If you are crafty in some way or another, how about selling your goods on Etsy? I spend a lot of time browsing it, and have made some great purchases. There are handmade goods, digital goods and more. Another great hustle for those creatives.
Side Hustle for extra cash!
 Why not check them out?