Cutting the Cord – Is it worth it?

Cord cutting has been a hot topic for a while now, in the cable sense that is. Every year it seems we would sit and watch that bill get higher and higher. It didn’t matter if we had cable or one of the dish companies, they all did the same. And let’s not forget the premium cable channels with their great shows! In these money-conscious days, we now live in, we are always looking for ways to save a bit of hard earned money.


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Have you thought about cutting the cord? Looking for a way to live more simply? See some pointers here to go cable free!

After paying way too much for way too long, we talked about what we could do to cut the cord. We moved up into the North GA mountains, after getting tired of the city hustle and bustle. While it definitely has its perks, we certainly had to learn some alternative options for things.  One of the biggest ones was the lack of decent cable service. With only 1 provider here, we were stuck, not only with mediocre service but at a premium price! We decided to go with DirectTV and hoped it would be a good choice for us.

DirectTV works out OK here. However we can get some wicked weather from time to time, and that can definitely affect your viewing time. One of my biggest pet peeves with it, or most of the services out there? Why the heck do we have to pay for so many channels that we will NEVER watch? There are hundreds of them, and we watch MAYBE only 10-15 of them, so why the high price for all the others? There really should be an option to let you pick a la carte, in my opinion. That, along with the high cost, definitely contributed to our decision to attempt the cord cutting, for sure.

The First Stages of Cutting the Cord.

So we began our research, looking into what our options might be if we decided to dive right into it. It turns out there are so many more options than we had even imagined! First of all, how about local channels? While we don’t watch a ton of local tv, there are times we check some shows out. Due to that, we began our look out for an antenna. Of course, like I mentioned, we are living in the mountains, with lots of trees. Because of this, we tried several different antennas, about 5 or more. Not a single one of them gave us more than 3 – 4 channels. And the only ones we got were Home Shopping and different Telemundo channels. So we decided to give up on that.

Because we have Netflix and Amazon Prime, we were less concerned about some things. But there are some shows we like that we couldn’t find on either one or at least not current episodes. I’d already binge-watched all of The Walking Dead that was available on Netflix. There are also a couple of other shows I started on Netflix, and then got caught up to DVR. Because of that, I needed certain channels!

Streaming Devices?

Of course, I had some knowledge of those streaming devices that are out there. Neither one of us was super familiar with any of them, so we started researching. There are SO many out there! Luckily my husband is a strong researcher. After looking over all different makes and models, we finally ended up with the Roku 3. It’s a great little streamer, and it even came with a free trial for Sling, which gave us some locals. But that only lasted 7 days, then we would have to pay monthly. And several of the apps had that same little snag. It seems many of the major networks had some form of one, but they are were going to add up fees.

After doing the math, looking at all the add-on fees we were about to start incurring, we realized we weren’t going to save much at all if any. Yes, I could have given up some of my shows I like, and probably should have. But it’s not like I watch a ton of TV, there are just a few I enjoy and don’t want to stop watching. We do love the Roku, however!

So did we cut the cord?

Not entirely. We DID get rid of all of the satellite boxes from the bedrooms, which included ours, the guest bedroom, and my stepdaughter’s room when she is with us. We also cut our package down to pretty much the minimum that still left me The Walking Dead. She got a Google Chromecast since she’s not much on TV, but YouTube and games. We got a 2nd Roku for our bedroom, which is great for streaming audio or general channels as background noise. Because we don’t have a whole lot of guests over, we haven’t decided on what to do with that television yet, but we will. One of the funniest things about it all is we now watch so much more TV (well it’s almost always on as background noise) and we even leave it streaming for the dogs when we are not home with them.

Have you cut the cord? Are you thinking about it?

I’d love to hear successes or even the unsuccessful attempts!

Are you thinking about cutting the cord? Simplifying your life? Saving extra money?? Read how we started the cable free living!

Tips to a Great Week – 5 easy tricks

How many of us dread Sunday evenings? Knowing we have to get back to the grind on Monday, (for those of us day job workers), can make those nights rough. I started thinking about it for a while, wondering how I can make the week a bit easier. That means maybe Sunday nights would have to be so rough! These tips are the things that help me get through the end-of-the-weekend blahs. I hope they can help you too! Honestly, these tips are so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing them all along.


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Tips for a Great Week! Check out ways to help Monday morning be not as bad!



1. Plan your outfits for the week.

It’s really easy to plan out your outfits for the entire week. Sure, you might need to do laundry at some point during that week. But knowing exactly what you will be wearing will help so much in the mornings. Put them together on a hanger or 2 for each day, then reach in and grab what you need. No more fumbling around in the dark, or realizing the piece you need to complete the look is in the hamper. I started doing this when I had a job that didn’t require a uniform, BUT only let you wear black or white. Although I’m not longer at that job, I have continued doing this, and it is certainly one of the tips that make my mornings a little easier.

2. Plan your meals.

Planning out what you will eat all week can be huge. I’m not suggesting going full force meal prepper. (Although that can save massive time and energy!) Simply planning out dinners for the week will take so much stress out of meal time. Write out what you plan for each day, and post it somewhere easily seen. That way there are no questions (and or complaints) that may pop up when it’s that time. Subscribe to my newsletter and get access to your free menu planner pdf!


3. Get your shopping done.

Now that you’ve got that menu planned, get to the store and get any missing ingredients you need. That’ll save time and money later in the week. Running out to grab 1 or 2 missing things not only takes time, but you’re more likely to buy things you didn’t plan for. Of course check your coupons, sale ads, etc. Once you’ve got your list, head out to your store, stick to the list, then get home! Don’t waste time looking around aimlessly. Again, that can just lead to buying things you don’t need, simply because you can.


4. Get the laundry done.

Since the outfits are planned out, double check and make sure you have all the clean clothes you need. I like to do my bulk load on Sunday, even though I know there will probably be a smaller load later in the week. (We spend a lot of time outdoors at my house, so we do usually 2 more loads during the week.) It’ll help #1 be so much easier when you aren’t having to worry about that. The nice part about that is knowing that it’s time you won’t be spending during the week because you didn’t plan and make sure it was done earlier. We even like to do all the sheet and towels. That way we have nice clean, cozy sheets to climb into at night and soft clean towels for the morning showers.


Now that you’ve planned clothing, meals, shopping, and laundry, it’s time to unwind. Crack open a bottle of wine, find something good on Netflix, and start to unwind. Mentally preparing for the week ahead is a great way to start. Once you have gotten all the tasks out of the way, you can clear your mind and be prepared for the upcoming week. Meditate, do some yoga, whatever helps you prepare for an unstressful week.


What are some other tips you use to get you through the weeks? I’d love to know! And don’t forget to sign up for your free weekday meal planner. Put it in a frame and use a dry-erase marker on it so you can reuse it!


Simple tips to have a great week ahead!

Thursday Thoughts This Week

Thursday  is upon us again. I like to do my weekly thoughts, and share them here. This week is a pretty rough one all around. I will absolutely not get political on here, but my Social Media feeds have been going crazy. Is anyone else feeling like they just want to shut off the world of Facebook for a while? I know I sure am.

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The Election:

Yes, it’s finally over. We all watched for so long to see what was going to occur. And yes, I see the outcome has people feeling all kinds of emotions. I hate to see our country SO divided like this! There are so many terrible memes running around, and I’ve literally watched fights break out in my friends posts online. That is truly sad, and shows what an awful state we are in. Never in my life have I seen such divide around election time… It’s truly frightening, and sad. I won’t say much more on the subject here, but it is truly weighing on my mind on this Thursday.

Thursday Thoughts




Thursday Thoughts

Check out this book!


I posted a while back about this 30 Day Challenge a friend of mine was hosting. It started on November 1st, and I’m currently rolling with it. Check out the full post here. So far I’ve unloaded so many pieces of clothing, as well as some cosmetics and more. During this, I stumbled upon a Facebook Group, The Minimalist Life and I’ve really found some great posts. There are some that go way above what I’m planning, but I’ve gotten so many good ideas on things to get rid of and how to go about it. (I’ve even sold a few things on Facebook Yard Sale sites, yes they DO work!) If you are even remotely curious, check out that group, and look at the vast selection of books out there as well. I got the one pictured here and fell in love! It’s a small, easy to read book, and I can’t wait to read more of her stuff.



Weather Changes:

Here in North Georgia, we haven’t had rain in…. so long I can’t recall. And now we have fires burning a bit north of us, and in North Carolina. It’s a bit scary to wonder if they will continue to burn, and when we might get some rain! The winds have moved the haze and smell south, so it’s odd to look at. But it smells like a camp fire burning! It’s really quite neat. How’s the weather in your area?

So what other Thursday thoughts are floating around in your minds this week? I’d love to hear, comment below or hit me up on social media!




Simplify Your Life in 1 Month

We all need to simplify our lives in some ways I’m sure. I’ve written a post about starting to lose some clutter, and you can read it here. Every day we live, there seems to be something new and great we “need” need to have. Yes, there are definitely things we need, and then there are things we just want. I’m not against having things, even a few I don’t need. But let’s face it, I think we can all simplify the way we live.


Simplify your life!


My friend Katie, over at Katie’s Quilting Corner recently posted on Facebook about a November minimalist challenge she was going to do, and I had to know more. I went straight to her blog to find out more. She has also created a Facebook group, where we can hold each other accountable. She suggested we post on Instagram and other platforms as well. The more the merrier, and I think this is going to be great. It’ll be great for people just beginning, like myself, or others who have already started the process and need more support.

The main idea behind it is simply letting go of stuff  you don’t need. In her post, she gives great tips on deciding what you need/want, and how to let things go. She also gives great tips on what to do with things as you remove them from your life. I already have a start to this, and can’t wait to keep on going. (Edit: since I’m reposting due to a blog crash, I’m on day 3, and doing great!) I can’t wait to keep on going. I’m going to be going through closets, drawers and then moving on to the kitchen cabinets and more. I’ve also got more than any one person needs in the way of cosmetics and things of that sort. I’ll just go ahead and toss whatever I can’t donate, and I’ll be happier.

Basically, get right of 1 thing per day of the challenge. On day 1, lose 1 item. Then on day 2 it’s 2 items, etc. I can’t remember the exact number of what you will get rid of by the end of it, but it’s fantastic! I can’t wait to see how we all do in this.

Check out her post for the full details and jump in any time! Simplify your life, starting with stuff you just don’t need in your life.