Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers

With all the excitement of Christmas coming up, we are all looking for that perfect holiday gift. Of course, we don’t always have to wait until it’s an actual holiday. But this time of year it seems everyone is scrambling. I’ve decided to share some of my picks for the fitness lovers in your life. Perhaps that’s even you, and you can show this list to your loved ones. There are so many great items out there, I thought I’d pick a few faves of mine and share. I’m a yogi, so, of course, I have a slew of ideas there, but I also enjoy other workouts too. If you’re looking for that perfect gift, you might just find it here!



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Looking for holiday gift ideas for the fitness lover in your life?



This Glasstic water bottle is absolutely amazing. It’s shatterproof glass on the inside which comes out easily for cleaning but is plastic on the outside. The double wall design keeps the bottle from sweating and helps keep the temperature consistent.

The Flip Belt is great for the runners out there. It holds your phone, keys, etc. all while keeping your hands free. Runners, hikers, etc can all find great use for this, and it comes in so many different color options, you’re sure to find one for everyone!

A good fitness tracker is always a nice gift. I got my Fitbit Charge HR last year and love it. I’m already looking to upgrade, and the Fitbit Alta has really caught my eye. It’s slimmer, sleeker style make it even better than prior editions!

A Foam Roller like this one is a great gift for anyone who does physical activity, period! I never knew the amazing way these could help until I got one during my Yoga Teacher Training. It was incredible, and the trigger points are simply wonderful for soothing sore muscles.

An Exercise Ball is another great gift idea. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a holiday! These are so great for balance, posture, etc. I have one at work I sit on sometimes and it helps keep my core engaged as I sit. It also forces me to remember good posture. There are SO many different exercises one can do with these. It truly is  a must have for any fitness lover.

In a world of journals and planners, we all seem to be logging everything. I think it’s a great idea, even though I struggled with it during my Yoga Teacher Training. I’ve since started another and kept up and a good Fitness Planner can really help with accountability! I love this one, but there are several options!

Meal prepping is key in leading a healthy life, so portion control containers are another awesome gift idea. Pair them with Bento Boxes to assist in prepping foods for an entire week. It’s a great way to keep the healthy lifestyle on track.

So there you have it, 7 holiday gift ideas for that fitness guru in your life. Maybe it’s you? If something here caught your eye, share with your loved ones and see what they get you! What other holiday gift ideas do you have? I’d love to hear more! Need gift ideas for the fitness lover in your life? Check out these great ideas for any budget!

A Very Doggy Christmas!

It’s here, right around the corner, Christmas once again! Every year we scramble to find the perfect gift for our family, friends, co-workers, etc. How many of us think about our little 4-legged children though? As someone who chose not to have kids, I like to spoil my pups as much as I can. Of course, they aren’t asking for toys, etc., but I still like to give them some goodies, like homemade treats or what not. Honestly, if I ever won the lottery I’d open a little dog boutique, and just make treats all day for them! Ok, Ok…  getting off track there. Here are a few things your pup might enjoy for their Christmas holiday!

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Christmas ideas for your dogs!



Homemade Treats:

  1. Penzey’s is  one of my favorite spice stores. I love their spices. When I moved to Georgia I was so excited to find that they had a store opening less than 30 minutes from me! I had always ordered from their catalogs. The first time I got to go into one of the stores I was hooked. In the catalogs, they do always put some great recipes. The one for the Puppy Pumpkin Pie Treats caught my attention right away. I never got around to making them, however, mom did and my pups loved them! I know they’ll be excited again this year when she sends them their Christmas package.
  2. Chrissi over at First Home Love Life has a great blog with all kinds of goodies. I stumbled on a pin from her site a while back and had to try the Homemade Apple Chip Dog Treats. These are super duper simple, and last a couple weeks in an airtight container, (IF your little buds don’t eat them all first!) Every year around my birthday we make the trip to the local apple farms. These are great ways to use some of those fresh apples.
  3. Ashley over at Frugal Coupon Living has another great blog full of goodies. I came across a pin from her site one day on Pinterest and once again knew I had to make these. Apple & Chicken Pup Pops are another super simple treat that our pups love! With apples and chicken broth, what else would they even want? I like to keep some of these on hand a lot. They are perfect for hot summers in addition to a lovely little Christmas treat.
  4. Another great Pinterest find was Felissa at Two Little Cavaliers . Her pin of these Apple Cinnamon Dog Treats looked fantastic. Again, nothing super fancy, just simple ingredients that aren’t harmful to the little four legged kids. Baxter (my Pomeranian) and Maisey (our beagle) both love them! Poor Baxter has a sensitive digestive system, so I have to be quite careful on what he gets to eat, but these little quick bites didn’t bother him one bit!
  5. I found their perfect “splurge” treat, if you can even call it that. Georgia at The Comfort of Cooking has some amazing recipes posted. Recipes for the humans out there that is. She also has this killer Homemade Peanut Butter-Bacon Dog Treats recipe I found. You’ll never guess where… Ok you got me, Pinterest! (Do you think I’ve spent enough time there?) But seriously, peanut butter, AND bacon?? Talk about dogs gone wild! They love these things!! Even though I called them “splurges”, they really do have so many healthy things. Your 4-legged buds will love you for this. (As if they don’t already…


Celebrate the holidays with your 4-legged babies too!

Would you look at these 2?? Snoozing away… in MY BED!





Non Edible goodies:

  • Etsy is amazing! I have found so many wonderful things there, and I absolutely LOVE this one. I think it’ll be in Baxter’s stocking this year. He seems to have fun finding his way out of the fenced in yard lately. This adorable personalized dog tag is so adorable. Also, it makes me chuckle. I think it would put a smile on the neighbor’s faces when he shows up with this one. Check out this adorable tag on Etsy!



  • Both of my little dudes are getting up there in age, so a good comfortable bed is a must. This awesome Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress Pet Bed  is fantastic. They love to be comfortable, and this bed certainly helps with that!

  • If you do any long road trips with your pups, make sure to keep them safe! Baxter spent a lot of time in his Pet Booster Seat before I moved to Georgia. Since we drove down for the move it also worked out very well.  Since we generally travel with both of them now, we have little tethers like the ones here that just clip from their harness to the buckled seat-belt.

Isn’t he the cutest thing in his little Booster Seat??

christmas baxter

What other ideas do you have for your dogs for Christmas? How about your dog loving friends? These things would be great for all of them, and I’m sure the pooches would be super happy! I’d love to see your little guys and gals in the comments!!


Looking for gifts for the doggie lovers out there? How about the pups themselves? Check out some great homemade dog treats, cute dog tags, even a dog booster seat your best bud will love!