Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers

With all the excitement of Christmas coming up, we are all looking for that perfect holiday gift. Of course, we don’t always have to wait until it’s an actual holiday. But this time of year it seems everyone is scrambling. I’ve decided to share some of my picks for the fitness lovers in your life. Perhaps that’s even you, and you can show this list to your loved ones. There are so many great items out there, I thought I’d pick a few faves of mine and share. I’m a yogi, so, of course, I have a slew of ideas there, but I also enjoy other workouts too. If you’re looking for that perfect gift, you might just find it here!



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Looking for holiday gift ideas for the fitness lover in your life?



This Glasstic water bottle is absolutely amazing. It’s shatterproof glass on the inside which comes out easily for cleaning but is plastic on the outside. The double wall design keeps the bottle from sweating and helps keep the temperature consistent.

The Flip Belt is great for the runners out there. It holds your phone, keys, etc. all while keeping your hands free. Runners, hikers, etc can all find great use for this, and it comes in so many different color options, you’re sure to find one for everyone!

A good fitness tracker is always a nice gift. I got my Fitbit Charge HR last year and love it. I’m already looking to upgrade, and the Fitbit Alta has really caught my eye. It’s slimmer, sleeker style make it even better than prior editions!

A Foam Roller like this one is a great gift for anyone who does physical activity, period! I never knew the amazing way these could help until I got one during my Yoga Teacher Training. It was incredible, and the trigger points are simply wonderful for soothing sore muscles.

An Exercise Ball is another great gift idea. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a holiday! These are so great for balance, posture, etc. I have one at work I sit on sometimes and it helps keep my core engaged as I sit. It also forces me to remember good posture. There are SO many different exercises one can do with these. It truly is  a must have for any fitness lover.

In a world of journals and planners, we all seem to be logging everything. I think it’s a great idea, even though I struggled with it during my Yoga Teacher Training. I’ve since started another and kept up and a good Fitness Planner can really help with accountability! I love this one, but there are several options!

Meal prepping is key in leading a healthy life, so portion control containers are another awesome gift idea. Pair them with Bento Boxes to assist in prepping foods for an entire week. It’s a great way to keep the healthy lifestyle on track.

So there you have it, 7 holiday gift ideas for that fitness guru in your life. Maybe it’s you? If something here caught your eye, share with your loved ones and see what they get you! What other holiday gift ideas do you have? I’d love to hear more! Need gift ideas for the fitness lover in your life? Check out these great ideas for any budget!

Yoga – a gift guide for yogis!

        I am slowly sharing things here, and want to continue to do so as I continue to learn and build this blog. So I have decided I’m going to start a small series of some of my very favorite things! There will be my favorite yoga things, beauty things, home things, outdoor things, food things, etc. All sorts of THINGS!!  I hope to introduce some new things that some may or may not be familiar with. Or give some positive feedback on things. Of course, that being said, the entire series may consist of affiliate links. I do NOT intend on posting links to anything I don’t stand behind 100%.
     As I come to the end of my Yoga Teacher Training journey next month, I’ve learned SO many things as far as props, books, mats, clothes, etc that I am really excited about. Whether an aspiring yogi or a long time practitioner of the practice, I hope to share some great things.

 Yoga Mats:

  1. lululemon – The Mat – My husband gifted this to me shortly after I started practicing. I was complaining about my cheap mat I picked up at one of those big-box discount stores. I love that it is reversible, and the nonslip side is perfect for those HOT yoga sessions. How many times do one’s hands have to slide in that Downward Facing Dog anyways? If I had to say one thing not so positive about it, it’s thick. Like thicker than most mats for sure. BUT, lately, I’ve had no problems finding a bag that will fit it, like the Barefoot Yoga mat bag. I actually got this for completing an Instagram challenge!
  2. Manduka Pro  is a great mat too, although it’s quite a bit pricier than some. I love the weight of it and the nonskid factor. It’s thinner than some. I’ve even doubled them up at yoga sometimes to get to the thickness that doesn’t bother my knees. But this is a great mat that I love.
  3. And if you are looking for a nice mat at an affordable price, check out the Barefoot Hybrid Eco yoga mat. It comes in a few colors, is a nice weight, and it’s quite affordable. It’s great for when you want to grab and go, and it fits in just about every bag I’ve ever tried it in!

Yoga Props:

I do love using props in yoga. Absolutely great for alignment, and getting into postures that may not be quite accessible without them yet, so I am a firm believe in props, and absolutely use them in my personal practice, as well as my classes.


  1. Infinity Strap BRIK – ok, I seriously cannot say enough about these! I’ve never had cork blocks before, and these were my first, but the ease and different ways to use them due to the shape is absolutely above and beyond! I love the company, and I’ll mention them again later, and I raved about them in this Review . These blocks are absolutely one of my favorite props ever!
  2. Bodylife Yoga Headstander is great for practicing and getting comfortable in those inversions. We all know that the headstand is the pinnacle of the yoga postures per some, and it’s certainly one that takes practice, core strength, and alignment to avoid injuries in. Using the headstander is a fantastic way to help work all of those things! Use it near a wall for even more stability and support, and get upside down!
  3. Yoga Wheel like this one (which is a great bargain, too!) is wonderful in so many ways, from helping to open up the heart space, and support in back bends, to providing support in handstands and/or head stands. There are so many different brands of them out there now, and they can get pretty pricey, however, I got a great deal on this one on Amazon, and have not been disappointed in the least!
  4. As for straps, my personal favorite is the Infinity Strap. This one comes in a variety of sizes, and different fabrics, depending on how much you need it for, and I absolutely love mine. I use it to help find binds, help find balance, help keep arms and/or ankles in place, etc. It’s a fantastic prop and it’s an affordable price! Plus they are a great company! And that is key for me as well.
That being said, I am going to stop there and bring some more favorites in my 2nd post in the series! I hope you enjoy these, and please check out some of these, and most definitely share some of your favorites with me too!! I’m ALWAYS looking for new things to try in my yoga world. 🙂