Side Hustle for extra cash!


Side Hustle

Let’s face it, we’ve all been here, right? At some point in life, I can honestly say more than I care to admit, this was me! Buying too much car and/or racking up too much credit. How about impulse shopping ? Now I spend my Monday through Friday chained to a desk, thankfully I am lucky enough to have a  Standing Desk – VARIDESK  so at least I’m not stuck sitting all day. That’s when I started looking for ways to hustle a bit of extra cash!

I spent many years in retail. Far too many to count, where I was constantly working nights, weekends and holidays! So I finally found a Monday – Friday job! Right before I turned 40! Now it came with a couple downsides, including a pay cut, but hey, it was closer to home, and had me able to spend nights and weekends doing more of what I love, or simply spending time with my hubs and pups! And I even got to start my Yoga Teacher Training! But again, that darn car payment, now it’s rougher. And I don’t get to “impulse shop”, (which is probably a VERY good thing) and I’m constantly watching my cash. I have been on the prowl for ways to make a few extra bucks here and there ever since.



There are so many things on Pinterest, and so many blog posts promoting the “side hustle”. I was a bit skeptical at first, had signed up for some of those things, and never put even a few moments effort into them. So I revisited a few I knew I had, then started to check out as many others as I could! I’ll share a few here with you today. Keep in mind, this is a WAY short list compared to a lot you’ll find, but hey, it’s a start, right?


  1. Checkout 51 is one I just recently started with. It’s a cash back for shopping type deal where you can log in and see deals before you shop! After you find some and add them to your list, you snap a picture of your receipt, and wait for your money. You can cash out once you hit $20.00, and depending on how often you use it, or shop, that probably won’t take too long!
  2. Ibotta is one I’ve had for a long time, yet only started using it seriously about a year ago. I come and go with it, and it’s great when I find deals on thing I already plan on purchasing. My biggest struggle with it is not buying things just to get a rebate back! All you have to do is answer short questions, or watch short videos, then poof, there’s your rebate on your list. Then after you purchase, most of the time you’ll have to scan the item bar code and snap the receipt, but the money is given pretty quickly. Same rule, $20.00 to cash out, to either Paypal or Venmo, which I’m not at all familiar with. The nice thing is after you link your facebook friends, and get some bonuses completed, you can get even more cash back! And they even added online only stores lately, like Groupon!
  3. Swagbucks is one I signed up for so long ago I can’t even remember! After seeing a few posts on the “side hustle” I decided to get back into it.  You earn “bucks” for doing various things, searching the internet, watching videos, playing games, discovering content, and taking surveys. You even earn different percentages of cash back when you click through to shop at some of your favorite stores. So if you’re already doing some shopping, why not just go through their site and earn money too! In a short amount of time, I was able to get a nice $50.00 gift card to Bass Pro Shops for my hubbies bit 40th birthday last month! I’m currently seeing how much I can save up to possibly use it for ALL of my holiday shopping!!  Already back close to the $80.00 mark.
  4. Fiverr is another good one. Sell your services! This site offers ways for people to look for things they need done, and you can earn money doing what you know.
  5. Facebook – Facebook has become more than just a social network site. So many people are selling in sale boars, making a great little extra cash. Getting rid of things they don’t need, while they hustle a bit of extra cash!
  6. eBay – I’m a bit hesitant to mention this one. It seems to ME personally to be a bit more of a hassle than hustle, but I do know some people having great luck with it.
  7. Etsy – If you are crafty in some way or another, how about selling your goods on Etsy? I spend a lot of time browsing it, and have made some great purchases. There are handmade goods, digital goods and more. Another great hustle for those creatives.
Side Hustle for extra cash!
 Why not check them out?