8 Reasons Why No One is Reading your Blog.

It would appear that everyone and anyone has a blog these days. And of course, we see those mega-stars making hundreds of thousands of dollars from them. So why wouldn’t someone want to try their hand at it? Some bloggers are simply doing it for fun, to document their personal journeys. Others are wanting to share helpful information, and even perhaps work towards making money from it. No matter what the reason is, how often do you hit publish, only to find your traffic is minimal? What could you be doing wrong?

Maybe I should have called this “why people aren’t reading MY blog”, but honestly, I know there are plenty of bloggers out there struggling to find their tribe of readers. I decided it might be helpful to share some mistakes I’ve made, and some others I know can slow your growth. That is one of my favorite things about the blogging world, the camaraderie of the people you meet. We all want to help each other, and learn from each other. So here are are some tips on why people might not be reading your blog!

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Are you struggling to get blog traffic? Wondering why no one is reading your blog? Check out these blog tips for things you might be doing to turn readers off!

  • You aren’t posting regularly – Firing off one or 2 posts a month is not really going to intrigue readers. You do want to keep them engaged, right? Batch writing several posts at a time is a great way to do that. You will have several posts written, and ready to publish! While it may seem time-consuming for some, keep in mind, you’d be writing them later anyways, right? Set aside a little time each week or maybe bi-weekly. Plan! Prepare and post, it’s that simple.
  • You aren’t proof-reading/checking grammar – No one wants to read something full of grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, etc. Take the time to proof your writing! Grammarly is a great tool for helping while you write, and they have a free version.
  • You aren’t being true to yourself – Just because there are a bazillion blogs floating around, doesn’t mean you can’t be YOU. Don’t try to post things you don’t know about or things you don’t believe in. Your readers can see right through that. Being yourself will shine through, and seeing an authentic post is so much more refreshing.
  • You aren’t promoting your posts – Listen, you can’t just hit publish and be done. There is still work to do if you want to get your post out there among the millions of others. Find relevant Facebook groups. Make sure your blog link is in your social media intros. All of them. Maybe you won’t get traffic from them all, but making the URL show everywhere keeps YOU linked to it. Tweet it out, join Twitter chats or Instagram Pods, etc. But make sure you follow the rules on these social media shares, as you don’t want to be spammy either. No one likes that from a blogger.



  • You haven’t found your tribe – You’ve probably heard that phrase before. But trust me, it rings pretty darn true. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and guess what? That is OK! Find YOUR tribe of people and your traffic will start to show it! If you haven’t thought about it, you should check out Jen Snyder’s Find Your Tribe Online course! It has helped SO many bloggers in growing their traffic! She’s got a great Facebook group as well!
  • You don’t have a mobile-friendly site – More often than not, people are reading on their phones and tablets these days. Just because your blog looks great on your computer screen doesn’t mean it’ll look great on your iPhone or tablet. There are plenty of ways to check that out, a lot of themes give you options to view them on all platforms. If yours doesn’t, get our your phone and type in your URL. Make sure it’s easy to read/click/share all the links there.
  • You don’t have photos – The internet is a visual place. If you throw a blog post out there with absolutely nothing to look at other than words, people will not stick around. Don’t go overboard of course, but give your readers a little break from all the words once in a while!
  • Your “About Me” page – Do you even have one? Does it have a photo or 2? To really connect with an audience, you need to let people put a face to a name. And have more than 1 photo, give some details about who you are! I usually go directly to a blogger’s About Me after reading one post! Don’t be generic with it, either.

Are you struggling with blog traffic? What other things do you think you’re doing not quite right?

2 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why No One is Reading your Blog.

  1. Great list!!
    I find it interesting you mention how it looks on a phone bc you have a sidebar pop up of social media buttons that makes it hard to read on mobile.
    Another turn off for me is constant pop ups, especially before I’ve started reading. Very often, if there is a pop up when I’m reading on my phone, I have a hard time closing it so I end up just not reading the blog at all.

    • Thanks for that! I’ve tried changing that sidebar so many times, I apologize! Thanks for the input and for stopping by! 😊

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