8 Reasons Why No One is Reading your Blog.

It would appear that everyone and anyone has a blog these days. And of course, we see those mega-stars making hundreds of thousands of dollars from them. So why wouldn’t someone want to try their hand at it? Some bloggers are simply doing it for fun, to document their personal journeys. Others are wanting to share helpful information, and even perhaps work towards making money from it. No matter what the reason is, how often do you hit publish, only to find your traffic is minimal? What could you be doing wrong?

Maybe I should have called this “why people aren’t reading MY blog”, but honestly, I know there are plenty of bloggers out there struggling to find their tribe of readers. I decided it might be helpful to share some mistakes I’ve made, and some others I know can slow your growth. That is one of my favorite things about the blogging world, the camaraderie of the people you meet. We all want to help each other, and learn from each other. So here are are some tips on why people might not be reading your blog!

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Are you struggling to get blog traffic? Wondering why no one is reading your blog? Check out these blog tips for things you might be doing to turn readers off!

  • You aren’t posting regularly – Firing off one or 2 posts a month is not really going to intrigue readers. You do want to keep them engaged, right? Batch writing several posts at a time is a great way to do that. You will have several posts written, and ready to publish! While it may seem time-consuming for some, keep in mind, you’d be writing them later anyways, right? Set aside a little time each week or maybe bi-weekly. Plan! Prepare and post, it’s that simple.
  • You aren’t proof-reading/checking grammar – No one wants to read something full of grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, etc. Take the time to proof your writing! Grammarly is a great tool for helping while you write, and they have a free version.
  • You aren’t being true to yourself – Just because there are a bazillion blogs floating around, doesn’t mean you can’t be YOU. Don’t try to post things you don’t know about or things you don’t believe in. Your readers can see right through that. Being yourself will shine through, and seeing an authentic post is so much more refreshing.
  • You aren’t promoting your posts – Listen, you can’t just hit publish and be done. There is still work to do if you want to get your post out there among the millions of others. Find relevant Facebook groups. Make sure your blog link is in your social media intros. All of them. Maybe you won’t get traffic from them all, but making the URL show everywhere keeps YOU linked to it. Tweet it out, join Twitter chats or Instagram Pods, etc. But make sure you follow the rules on these social media shares, as you don’t want to be spammy either. No one likes that from a blogger.



  • You haven’t found your tribe – You’ve probably heard that phrase before. But trust me, it rings pretty darn true. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and guess what? That is OK! Find YOUR tribe of people and your traffic will start to show it! If you haven’t thought about it, you should check out Jen Snyder’s Find Your Tribe Online course! It has helped SO many bloggers in growing their traffic! She’s got a great Facebook group as well!
  • You don’t have a mobile-friendly site – More often than not, people are reading on their phones and tablets these days. Just because your blog looks great on your computer screen doesn’t mean it’ll look great on your iPhone or tablet. There are plenty of ways to check that out, a lot of themes give you options to view them on all platforms. If yours doesn’t, get our your phone and type in your URL. Make sure it’s easy to read/click/share all the links there.
  • You don’t have photos – The internet is a visual place. If you throw a blog post out there with absolutely nothing to look at other than words, people will not stick around. Don’t go overboard of course, but give your readers a little break from all the words once in a while!
  • Your “About Me” page – Do you even have one? Does it have a photo or 2? To really connect with an audience, you need to let people put a face to a name. And have more than 1 photo, give some details about who you are! I usually go directly to a blogger’s About Me after reading one post! Don’t be generic with it, either.

Are you struggling with blog traffic? What other things do you think you’re doing not quite right?

Cutting the Cord – Is it worth it?

Cord cutting has been a hot topic for a while now, in the cable sense that is. Every year it seems we would sit and watch that bill get higher and higher. It didn’t matter if we had cable or one of the dish companies, they all did the same. And let’s not forget the premium cable channels with their great shows! In these money-conscious days, we now live in, we are always looking for ways to save a bit of hard earned money.


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Have you thought about cutting the cord? Looking for a way to live more simply? See some pointers here to go cable free!

After paying way too much for way too long, we talked about what we could do to cut the cord. We moved up into the North GA mountains, after getting tired of the city hustle and bustle. While it definitely has its perks, we certainly had to learn some alternative options for things.  One of the biggest ones was the lack of decent cable service. With only 1 provider here, we were stuck, not only with mediocre service but at a premium price! We decided to go with DirectTV and hoped it would be a good choice for us.

DirectTV works out OK here. However we can get some wicked weather from time to time, and that can definitely affect your viewing time. One of my biggest pet peeves with it, or most of the services out there? Why the heck do we have to pay for so many channels that we will NEVER watch? There are hundreds of them, and we watch MAYBE only 10-15 of them, so why the high price for all the others? There really should be an option to let you pick a la carte, in my opinion. That, along with the high cost, definitely contributed to our decision to attempt the cord cutting, for sure.

The First Stages of Cutting the Cord.

So we began our research, looking into what our options might be if we decided to dive right into it. It turns out there are so many more options than we had even imagined! First of all, how about local channels? While we don’t watch a ton of local tv, there are times we check some shows out. Due to that, we began our look out for an antenna. Of course, like I mentioned, we are living in the mountains, with lots of trees. Because of this, we tried several different antennas, about 5 or more. Not a single one of them gave us more than 3 – 4 channels. And the only ones we got were Home Shopping and different Telemundo channels. So we decided to give up on that.

Because we have Netflix and Amazon Prime, we were less concerned about some things. But there are some shows we like that we couldn’t find on either one or at least not current episodes. I’d already binge-watched all of The Walking Dead that was available on Netflix. There are also a couple of other shows I started on Netflix, and then got caught up to DVR. Because of that, I needed certain channels!

Streaming Devices?

Of course, I had some knowledge of those streaming devices that are out there. Neither one of us was super familiar with any of them, so we started researching. There are SO many out there! Luckily my husband is a strong researcher. After looking over all different makes and models, we finally ended up with the Roku 3. It’s a great little streamer, and it even came with a free trial for Sling, which gave us some locals. But that only lasted 7 days, then we would have to pay monthly. And several of the apps had that same little snag. It seems many of the major networks had some form of one, but they are were going to add up fees.

After doing the math, looking at all the add-on fees we were about to start incurring, we realized we weren’t going to save much at all if any. Yes, I could have given up some of my shows I like, and probably should have. But it’s not like I watch a ton of TV, there are just a few I enjoy and don’t want to stop watching. We do love the Roku, however!

So did we cut the cord?

Not entirely. We DID get rid of all of the satellite boxes from the bedrooms, which included ours, the guest bedroom, and my stepdaughter’s room when she is with us. We also cut our package down to pretty much the minimum that still left me The Walking Dead. She got a Google Chromecast since she’s not much on TV, but YouTube and games. We got a 2nd Roku for our bedroom, which is great for streaming audio or general channels as background noise. Because we don’t have a whole lot of guests over, we haven’t decided on what to do with that television yet, but we will. One of the funniest things about it all is we now watch so much more TV (well it’s almost always on as background noise) and we even leave it streaming for the dogs when we are not home with them.

Have you cut the cord? Are you thinking about it?

I’d love to hear successes or even the unsuccessful attempts!

Are you thinking about cutting the cord? Simplifying your life? Saving extra money?? Read how we started the cable free living!

12 Smartphone Apps I Can’t Live Without

Our smartphones have truly changed our lives. Does anyone even remember when phones were just for calling people? I think my dad is the only person around who still feels that way! We rely on them for so much more than that now. I’ve decided to share with you some of my absolute favorite apps. I am certain I’m not the only one who lives with my phone in my hand. Maybe you know of and use all of these already. Or maybe you’ll find some new ones to try!

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Check out some of the great smartphone apps I can't live without!

News/Sports/Weather Apps:

    • Fox News App – I tend to stick with Fox for my news. They just seem to be the most balanced of the big networks, in my opinion of course. I can turn the alerts on or off and stream live video from it. It’s simple and to the point, which is one of the reasons I like this one over some other apps.
    • Flipboard – When I finally moved over to Android from Apple, this came pre-installed on my first phone. I wasn’t too sure about it until I looked into it a bit more. I love that you can add topics and really personalize it around what you want to see.
    • ESPN Scorecenter – Since I AM a lover of sports, and I’m not local to my favorite teams, this app comes in handy! I can check in on schedules, scores, news, etc. I can even “watch” GameCast play by play on some games.
    • The Weather Channel – While this one is not necessarily on of my favorites, I do need my weather app! I actually have the widget on my home screen. I check this app multiple times a day, not only for local weather but other places too.

Best Buy Smartphone Apps


Reference/Utility Apps:

  •  Evernote – I’m surprised I haven’t had this longer. I just found out about it a few months ago. This little app is a lifesaver! It’s great for jotting down ideas, making lists, and so much more. I love that I can sync it with my laptop too!
  • Whitepages – For some reason, I have been getting a lot of SPAM calls lately. I have pretty much given up answering any number I don’t recognize, and this app helps me determine if it’s a valid call or not.
  • Dictionary.com – My favorite little thing about this app is the word of the day notification I get each morning. There is an option to listen to the words if you are unfamiliar with the pronunciation. I also use it to look up alternate words from time to time.
  • IMDb – I am a sucker for seeing someone on TV or in a movie and trying to remember where I’ve seen them before. This app is great for that, but also for looking up other film/television things.
  • iPeriod – Let’s face it, I’m not always on the ball with remembering that special time. This app helps me track it, and can even set up notifications to let you know when it’s a few days out. No one likes to find it out the hard way, am I right ladies?

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Money/Shopping Apps:

  • ibotta – This app is awesome. If you aren’t using yet, click and sign up. It’s super easy and payments go right into Paypal. I’ve had it for a few years, but only recently started using it more and more. You browse available rebates, click to add them to your list, buy the item, scan the barcode and receipt and the money is yours! It’s awesome to get cash back on things I’m already buying, and I love this app for that reason.
  • Walmart – Living in a small rural town, this is the only “grocery” store we have unless we drive to the next town. So it’s primarily where we do most of our shopping. The Savings Catcher part of this app has been great. All you do is scan your receipt, then wait. It searches nearby “competitors” and will refund you the difference if it finds a lower price. You can then load it onto an e-gift card, and you’re all set!
  • Swagbucks – I can’t preach enough about SB! I have 3 different SB apps on my phone, and I love that I can earn just by letting the videos play on the watch app. I can take surveys on the go, even online shopping to earn cash back. All by just going through the app. I’ve posted about Swagbucks before, and I really did pay for the holidays this year by using it!
  •  Retail Me Not – I use this one pretty often when I’m searching coupons. I love that I can use it in-store, and online. They usually have something for almost anything you’re looking for! I’ve managed to save some good money using the coupons from here. I am all for a good deal whenever I can get one!


Photography Apps:

Of course, I need photo apps for all the social media sharing out there, right? And there are a TON, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few of my faves, only wishing Canva would hurry up with their Android version!

  • Prisma – I simply love this app. It makes your photos turn into paintings. There are so many filters and you can dial them back as much as you want. You will end up with absolutely gorgeous photos.
  • Aviary – This is one of my favorites for straight up editing. It’s simple to use, has great filters, and produces some great pictures. I’ve been using it for quite a while, and I still seem to end up going back to it, even after I’ve tried others.
  • WordSwag – This is one of the few apps I’ve paid for. I tend to stick to the freebies. However, I do like this one for its layouts, fonts, and cool features. Not only can you make your fancy quotes and such, it will show you the “Twitter preview” area in the square template you’re probably using for Instagram!

There are many more apps than that out there. Certainly, I have more on my phone as well. I left out the basics, (all the social media ones, etc). These are some of my favorites that I use more often than any others, except those darn social media ones!

What apps are you loving right now? I’d love to hear about them in the comments?


Check out my this list of 12 apps that I can't live without! Shopping, making money, getting news, staying organized and more!

Shop Small Businesses & Support HUGE!



It’s that time of year again. The HOLIDAY time. How many of us are yet to shop for gifts? I personally stayed away on Black Friday, as a former retail worker. Instead, I chose to stay home with my hubby and pups and enjoy the quiet. Sure I did window shop online a bit, but that’s about it. I certainly enjoyed the quiet time at home, getting my house decorated for Christmas. Having so many friends in the small business world, I wanted to share my favorites with you. I hope you’ll check them out, for gifts or for yourself! Keep in mind, you can shop these anytime, not just for the holidays, too!


If you haven’t seen or heard of LLR yet, you might be living under a rock? I stumbled onto a pair at a pop up. I’ve been hooked ever since. What’s awesome is that they produce limited amounts of each print, so there is always something for everyone. The leggings are amazing, but they have so many other great things too! I have 3 fashion consultants I buy from, and they are all amazing ladies!

LuLaroe with Kim and EmilyShop Lularoe with Kim & Emily!

These ladies are an amazing mother/daughter duo who do lots of live shows on their Facebook page. They are so much fun to watch, and they answer questions as they go, as well as go back to reshow items. Did I mention they live in a TAX-FREE STATE? They invoice and ship promptly. These ladies are simply amazing, and do such a great job of showing the LLR goodies! Just head to their Facebook page, and check out all the amazing items! Inventory is constantly updated, and they have sales going all the time.




 LuLaroe with Kyra Dillon

This young lady is another one of my favorite LLR consultants! I’ve had great luck with ordering from her, and she also ships promptly. She does lots of album sales on her page. She’s also prompt in responding to questions. I snagged my first Halloween AND Holiday leggings from her. If you know anything about LLR, you know the holiday stuff is a hot commodity. What’s great is the consultants are all so great about being fair with them!shop LLR with Kyra!


Kathy’s LuLaroe VIP Boutique 

Kathleen is another one of the great ladies running their small businesses from home. She’s got an adorable little man with her, and she does live and album sales. Her live parties are very fast paced and a lot of fun. There is always new inventory coming in and she loves to share it with all of the LulaLOVERS out there!


Shop LLR


Beauty Products:


Rodan + Fields with Jill Ellis

This is a company that I hadn’t ever really heard of until my friend Jill invited me to her launch. After seeing the amazing results posted, I certainly had to learn more. This is one of the most amazing skin care lines I’ve ever seen. They have so many great products to offer, and they have astonishing results. If you haven’t heard of them, definitely check out her site HERE and prepare to see mind blowing photographs. The products truly do speak for themselves!

Shop R + F with Jill!

 Younique with Lane:

This product line has been floating around in my newsfeed, and I have to say I was curious.The mascara looked SO intriguing, I had to give it a shot. It is a 2 part system that lengthens and thickens lashes, without weighing them down. The clumping is next to none after you properly learn to apply it, too. There are so many gorgeous cosmetics in their line, I can’t wait to try more

Shop Younique with Lane!

Shop Younique with Lane!




Barbie’s Lip Goodness:

Shop Lipsense with Barbie!15227934_10211353839901515_1341121254_nThis one was totally new to me, but when my high school friend Barbie invited me to the group, I had so see what the fuss was about! This stuff is incredible. It doesn’t smudge, doesn’t bleed, and doesn’t come off for 18 hours! (If you want it to last that long.) If you are even the slightest bit skeptical, check out her page. She does the test video of herself, and it’s pretty crazy to watch. I placed my order instantly, and can’t wait to get it! The colors are gorgeous, and there is something for everyone to shop for.



BeautyCounter with Amy Adams:

This company is in a league of its own. Their mission is to get safer products into our hands. A number of chemicals in just about everything we see and use is simply disturbing! I tried the charcoal bar on a whim. My skin is super sensitive, so I was a little afraid, but it is outstanding. It is keeping my skin clearer, and it’s super safe. They have so many different products and you can read the Never List and see they truly don’t put bad things in their products. I can’t wait to try more of their goodies!

Shop Beauty Counter!

This is a message straight from Amy herself:

“Wake up, take a shower, put on makeup. The morning routine is something we all know very well. But what many of us don’t know is that questionable and potentially harmful ingredients are in many of the products we put on our skin every day. Change is happening now. It’s all about protecting yourself and those you love. Did you know the United States has not passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938. In fact, the US has only banned 11 ingredients in cosmetics. This compared to the 1300 in Europe.


At Beautycounter, we’ve banned more than 1,500 ingredients setting a new health and safety standard all while ensuring our products perform, and that they’re as indulgent as any luxe shampoo, lipstick or oil in the market. We are educating consumers about the problems in the industry and the lack of regulation across it, and we are providing a solution. Women of all ages want to present their best, most beautiful selves to the world, but over time they have been asked to make compromises. We believe that no woman should compromise her health and safety for beauty. visit www.beautycounter.com/amyadams to learn more.”


It Works:

(This is the only link that I will earn any money off of if you click through. Clicking here will lead to you shop my personal site. None of the rest of these are affiliate links, simply companies and friends I adore.)

I couldn’t give you a list of small business women to try without including my own of course. I’m a distributor for It Works. Of course, you’ve heard of “That Crazy Wrap Thing”, but did you know there are so many more products than that?? We have supplements, skin care, etc. Check out my site and see all the wonderful products we offer! As a loyal customer, you even get 40% off!

medium-1 medium









What are you waiting for? Check out some of these great small businesses and help support others! 

Are there any other small businesses out there you love to shop with? I love supporting other small biz owners and entrepreneurs!




Check out these 7 small businesses that you should be shopping with!