About Me


Hello, thanks for checking out my About Me page.


I’m C – Callie K to be exact, and this is my little space on the big ol’ web where I can share some bits of lifestyle tips with y’all. I’m an NE Ohio transplant now living in the mountains of North Georgia, and my how life has changed for me in the last 5+ years. Thanks for checking out my biography here.

I love to share all kinds of lifestyle tips and tricks. I’m working on becoming a better budgeter, money master, etc. I am going through a lot of changes in my life, and I can’t wait to share all the goodies.

I’m also a newly certified yoga instructor! I worked for 9 hard months and loved every minute of it. I’ll be sharing some of that as well. I’m also a big foodie, and love to try and cook healthy meals out of not so healthy ideas. Being here in these mountains, we spend a lot of time outdoors as well. Hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, etc. We do love to be out enjoying our gorgeous views with the pups.



Christmas for the dogs!

Oh, WE? That’s me and the hubby. We also have a Beagle and a Pomeranian in the house, who are both a bit older now. The Beagle is my step-dog, and the Pom is my little boy. They love to run and play out in our fenced in yard where we also have our archery range. Aren’t they absolutely adorable?? —————————————————————————->>>>>>


I hope you enjoy what you find here and feel free to drop me an email any time with suggestions or just to say hello.